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There is one very much even quite good news. The site of our label in a new kind and on a new host again in work also waits for the visitors, fans of underground meat and other bacon. The address of site BLACKSMITHPRODS.COM, so do not forget to come and leave pair words in guestbook in occasion of new design and all rest. We wish successes Blacksmith Productions in the further work on promotion metal in weights! Stay hungry, Andrey!

Hi there! The band still working. New stuff is on the way!
There is update in the Photo section, old and new photos. Check it out.
Don't give up. Stay vivid! Good luck!

In VIDEO you can download a little live clip from show in Kursk. Respect to JNZ for the host space:) DOWNLOAD.

News on the page Samples. In Video soon you will see a fragment of live show in Kursk. Check the news!:)

Yesterday group has returned from Belorussia. It was very cool trip! The photos soon will appear.

The new review of our album placed on THE METAL OBSERVER has appeared . You can find it here

ViViD X in tour, devoted to decade of APOCRYPHAL.
PARADISE Rec presents: Hear My Call tour Live In Belarus-2004

APOCRYPHAL (Rechitsa-Belarus)
DARK LEGION (Gdansk-Poland)
MIND ECLIPSE (Yaroslavl-Russia)
ASGUARD (Mogilev-Belarus)
MENTAL DEMISE (Lisichansk-Ukraine)
VIVID X (Kursk-Russia)
HOLY BLOOD(Kiev-Ukraine)

OCTOBER 2 - Rechitsa, Cinema BELARUS
APOCRYPHAL (Rechitsa-Belarus)
DARK LEGION (Gdansk-Poland)
MIND ECLIPSE (Yaroslavl-Russia)
ASGUARD (Mogilev-Belarus)
MENTAL DEMISE (Lisichansk-Ukraine)
VIVID X (Kursk-Russia)
HOLY BLOOD(Kiev-Ukraine)

Well also is at last informed, that the concert of group ViViD X is planned to April 25 of this year, on which there will pass presentation of an album. Groups Apple Pie, Reanimator and Cells also are invited. Watch the news!

As it was promised earlier, the album " V.Xtremal Progress " is issued by BLACKSMITH Prod. To order them it is possible on a site http://www.blacksmith.boom.ru. Soon they will appear on sale in Kursk, namely, in rick-shop "LEPREKON".
Also, on a site http://www.demogorgon.ru/ it is possible to esteem interview to group ViViD X.

Hi, concert in DK of the Railwaymen was held. The band played 3 songs from an album " V.Xtremal Progress ", 3 brand new songs and also 3 covers of Machine Head, Napalm Death & Carcass. Thanks to the organizers of a festival and the ones who got poisoned by fumes and supported group during performance. You are the best!
Some photos from performance can be seen in section Photo.

By the one who wants to communicate with foreign metalheads about our creativity, we inform the address of a forum: click here

Good news - appearing of our disc "V.Xtremal PROGRESS" on BLACKSMITH Prod. Adress of BLACKSMITH: http://www.blacksmith.boom.ru. You can reserve it.


Hi, this is the new cover of our new album "V.Xtremal PROGRESS".
4.Fourth power
5.Damnation of sand
6.Foreign sun
7.Hunt for butterflies (instrumental)
9.Ice (vxtremal rmx)

Eremin Anton - guitars/keys/back vocals
Jdanov Maxim - bass/vocals/keys
Latyshev Anton - drums/back vocals (2-nd voice on "Ice")

Guest musician: E.Gor - samples/sound effects/keys
Archive of news for 2003

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