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We have organized the page on a site WWW.REALMUSIC.RU. Now it is possible to find our new songs here: http://www.realmusic.ru/vividx.

November 28 the band acted in Tambov together with Moby Dick (Tambov), Unlight and Devil-May-Care (both from Michurinsk). Vivid X thanks the organizers: Tsagolov Sergey and Co, and also Oleg Abizjaev (If we incorrectly have displayed a surname, beforehand excuse). A sound, light and pyrotechnic were at height, thanks to all! And also thanks to public, which supported us during performance!

The section Samples is updated. The fragments of new songs - Arena, Another's sun and Scaffold are added, and also fragment of remix. Come in and listen!

The section Photo is updated. The October photosession - serious and not so is added. Come in the visitors!

Hot news! We finally ended the recording and mixing of our full-formatted album! It consists of all rerecorded songs from the demos and 3 brand new songs : "Arena", "Foreign Sun", "Scaffold" and techno-remix of one of our songs. The disc's art and cover design would be completed in few days and it would also by mirrored in news on the site.

A bit late news : on the 3th of October ViviD X played in Kursk DK Zheleznodorozhnikov J. It was hot and stifling in there but everything went quite good. The sound was not great..ehh..overall..because of the building, not suitable for such kind of activities. Despite that we'd like to thanx the "Legion" rock-club for the concert organization. More detailed gig review can be found on our friend's site: http://music.kurskcity.ru


Hi everyone. On the 28th of june in a place Rasskazovo, near Tambov, the rock festival "Tambovskii Volk" took place with us as a guests. The overcrowded stadium supported the bands with hands and tongues and the gig was a pure pleasure! The band Vivid X numerously shows their respect and gratitude to the festivals' owners, admired by their enthusiasm. They can really be set as an example of how festival organisators should be. We hope that changing Kusrk into musical capital is not too late. You can read the detailed report about our tour to Tambov here. And in photo section you can check the pictures from the gig.

On the 24th of May the band took part in the music festival held in DK RTI of Kursk city.Sound was medium.We played the songs : Arena,Ashes,The Fourth Power and Hunt for the Butterflies.It had been planned to play one more song - Foreign Sun,but at the end of the gig Anton had his string broken and so we had to finish the show earlier than plan ned...But ,overall the band was very happy with their performance.In the Photo section you can check out some shots from that concert.

New site design.And english site vesion too.Respects and gratitide for the whole-bunch-of-the-work-done go to Dark Sol,webmaster of the Russian Symphony X Website!

On the 24 of May the band takes part in the festival in DK RTI.Watch for the advertisement!

On the 1 of May the festival finally happened.Although there were only about 120 listeners it was still a big fun. The bands : Earth without Happiness,X-files,Dixi, took part in in. In the end the band Sanscrit came on scene. They performed 3 tunes from the Dream Theater "Scenes..." album. And then their vocalist went away.. And Vivid X's vocalist entered the scene and performed Pull Me Under of Dream Theater, Master Of Puppets Damage Inc. BTW,the conclusion about the Maxim Zhdanov's performing of Pull Me Under was made just 5 minutes before the band came on scene.But it didn't really affected the whole drive. Hail to Barnie Greenway! Soon afterwards Vivid X came on scene and played there program and 2 brand new songs : Arena and Foreign Sun. And also an old classical tune by Carcass.

Links section added. Now we can exchange banners with anyone.

On the 1 of May the music festival in DK Zheleznodorozhnikov of Kusrk city shall be held, with the bands ViViD X, Sanscrit, Guru ,etc.

Guestbook added.Feel free to express your opinions and respects there.

The date of festival in the "Legion" moved to the 1 of May.

From the 24 of february recording of the first FULL album starts.It will consist of both re-recorded demos and also 3 new songs. The new tunes will be tested on the music festival in the Legion club.
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