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Official Site of ViViD X


...::: HR193 :::...

Under Black Water - Web Zine

JNZ Heavy Metal Zone

Official site of project 'Ozarenie'. Everything about 'Tambovski Volk' festival

FATAL FORUM productions - FATAL FORUM productions - label, distro & zine.

METALPARTY - 10 + the best metal mp3 tracks every week!

Metal Library - Everything about hard&heavy!




Voronezh Metal Home - virtual home of metallers of Voronezh


Demogorgon - Metal & Dark Music



MODERIX from Lipetsk

Official page of TESSARACT

OREOL from Eagle City

Official Site Of Melodic-Death-Band ARKAIM

Official Site Of ILLIKOR

Official site of MENTAL DEMISE

Official site of MIND ECLIPSE

Official site of INEXIST

Official site of Letargy Dream

Little Dead Bertha

ЧАС ПИК [официальный сайт Саратовской группы Час Пик]

KITEZH-GRAD official russian site

Symphony X official russian site

Official site of Beheaded Zombie

Official Site of ARTEMEZIA

Official site of group Moby Dick

Official Site of INEXIST

Official Site of FUTURIST

Official Site of brutal band INFERNAL ABORTION

MISCREANT - metal band.

The site of coolest band VEXER

www.cannibalcorpse.ru | Russian Unofficial Website

Summoning: Dark Hobbiton

Russian Fan-Site dedicated to Pretty Maids

Russian Fan-Site dedicated to Rage

Russian Site of Dream Theater

The Jester Race - russian page of In Flames

Russian site of Immortal

Russian site of King Crimson

официальный сайт группы МеталлолоМ

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